from 336 kW / 451 hp to 483 kW / 647 hp
A machine that guarantees absolute reliability. Equipped with the best technologies to offer an unparalleled harvesting experience.

Fendt Serie C

from 225 kW / 306 hp to 265 kW / 360 hp
Premium segment of the upper mid-horsepower class. Equipped with VarioGuide automatic steering system.

Fendt Serie L

from 179 kW / 243 hp to 225 kW / 306 hp
Combine harvester that guarantees maximum comfort, excellent performance, reliability and versatility. It is equipped with a unique operating interface, the Fendt Variotronic.

Fendt Serie E 5225

5225 160 kW / 218 hp
Combine harvester with an excellent performance during the harvest season. Ideal for family-run farms.

Fendt Variotronic

Designed to perform each farming operation more precisely and efficiently.