Forage harvesting technology

Fendt Tigo (XR/PR)

PR 45 • PR 50 • PR 60 • PR 70 XR 65 • XR 75 • XR 90 • XR 100
Forage wagon with ample loading and unloading volume. It is equipped with Fendt Stabiliy Control to maintain the correct inclination.

Fendt Tigo
(ST/S/MS/MR/MR Profi)

Automatic loading forage wagon. It is equipped with a vast loading space.

Fendt Slicer

Disc mower for perfect cutting. Lightweight design for low fuel consumption.

Fendt Cutter

Drum mower for perfect cutting. It is equipped with four drums for excellent performance even on damp crops.

Fendt Twister

Excellent tedders for fast and clean forage drying. It forms the perfect link between mower and hay rake.

Fendt Former

Excellent hay rake to add quality forage cleanly and precisely to the swath.

Fendt Lotus

Tedders with high working speeds and up to 50% more area coverage. It is equipped with anti-wrapping system.