Pre- and After-Sale Assistance

Our services will guide you all-around: from the choice of machinery, to after-sales support.

We recommend the most suitable machinery according to your actual needs and we try to minimize the machine downtime thanks to remote assistance and our trained staff.

We provide the following services:

  • New and used machinery selling
  • Technical consultancy on the purchase
  • Guidance on the use of spare parts
  • Technical consultation on new technological products existing on the market
  • Technical assistance service
  • Mobile technical assistance service
  • Spare parts delivery service
  • Spare parts service during week-end

We are specialized in providing


How to choose an agricultural machine suitable for your job?

On the market, there are different types of vehicles: from standard machinery (suitable for almost all agricultural operations) to tracked, wheeled tracked, half-tracked machinery, or vehicles equipped with metal or cage wheels.

One factor to take into consideration is the type of harvest: open field, on-farm, vineyards or inter-row crops.

Other determinants are the hours of usage and the conditions of the terrain (plain or hill).

Therefore, the choice of machinery is the most important phase. Our skilled technicians can help you to define the most important needs and provide you with all the information necessary to make a purchase according to your needs.


Our mechanics are equipped with the best technologies for machine operations and every year they attend training courses in the head company in order to support you in the best way.

Thanks to Fendt remote telemetry, we can provide you with a real-time diagnosis of the machine stopped in the field and evaluate the best solution: in most cases, we are able to solve without intervening directly.

Alternatively, we can reach you with a mobile workshop equipped with all the necessary tools and spare parts for quick repairs.

We are a 5 Star Fendt Workshop Dealers and our technicians will be able to suggest you the spare part or the best solution for your needs in order to minimize the downtime.

Our warehouse

To meet every customer’s need, we own a warehouse regularly replenished to satisfy any agricultural equipment’s request.

We take care of every customer with spare parts for mechanical and hydraulic transmission as well as all the components of agricultural, industrial and gardening machines.

Do you need high-pressure hydraulic pipes but with customized dimensions?

All you have to do is inform us about the sizes you need and we will manufacture them according to your requirements!

Whether it is a tractor, a power mower or a basic lawn mower, here you can find all the spare parts you are searching for!

Fendt Services: 4.0

We can provide you with our products that comply with the requirements to access the tax benefits of up to 40%. Maximum Fendt technology is easy to reach, find out all the details.

  • VarioGuide – Automatic guidance system: service used to reduce errors, optimize time and save economic resources
  • VarioDoc Pro – Data documentation system
  • ISOBUS – Control and monitoring center
  • Fendt Connect – Telemetry system
  • FendtONE – The seamless connection of office and machine

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